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When Bad Things Become Good





Harlingen High School. It tends to have rules but that doesn’t stop some of the students from a little rebellion. Because a little rebellion now and then is good thing, right? That’s what Thomas Jefferson had said so why wouldn’t it be true? The students who attend the highschool vary in their ways of “so called” rebellion from smoking weed to cutting class, but what is acceptable when it comes to it being a good thing?

The answer can contribute to many factors and one that plays a huge role is individuality. We are all different and have our own qualities that set us off. We can’t cease ourselves from who we really are so when a student is called to their passions why should we stop them? There’s a drive that lives inside them, an itch that needs to be scratched. You can see this in the photo above. Eric Alzaga has had this feeling of want and desire. Throughout class he has a familiar yet pestering itch to longboard. So what does he do? He goes and fulfills his urge. Intstead of going to Chemistry he decides that his work can wait. At last he is longboarding. The urge is gone and feeling of freedom arises. This is as good as it gets. this is something that you can’t describe, but only something that you can feel. So you must be thinking: “Bad Eric… Cutting class is horrible.” But it’s not that he skipped, he can easily make the work up later, it’s that he was doing what he felt he HAD to do. Doing what you love is what is important. School can sometimes be overwhelming and take away from who we are and who we want to be. Sometimes bad things are what it takes to make something great.


Faith in Chaos

This photo has impartiality because it is non-biased. It portrays an event that actually happened to these children/people. Many were effected by bombs, drugs, and even war. It has timeliness since they use current dates. All these causes had an effect on these people. Because of the bomb some went blind. Because of the drugs for traumatized victims. Because of the war they went crazy.

Fans in a Flashbulb

Pep Bonet, Kinny Mattia tries to feel the morning light. “Milton Margai” is the only school for the blind in Sierra Leone. Approx. 85 children, 4 to 18 yrs old, study and live here. In 1998, when RUF-rebels attacked Freetown, the school had to be evacuated. In 1999 it was bombed. Some of the children lost their sight because they were brutalised by the rebels. Early dawn, June 15, 2002 (2012.27.1)

Pep Bonet, Kinny Mattia plays the piano. Milton Margai School for the Blind. Children learn to play music: drums, piano, flute, and they learn singing. As street musicians, some children could make a small living for themselves, April 15, 2002 (2012.27.2)

Pep Bonet, A player kicking the ball during the game. War amputees soccer team. This soccer team was established in February 2001 and is made up of 22 players, all residents of Murray Town Camp for…

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Thoughts On News, Feature, and Editorial Writing

I learned that news writing isn’t meant to have opinion and to present factual information, feature writing can have facts but focuses on a certain activity or interest, and editorial has timeliness, an opinion, and is one sided to prove a point.

News is used like on stories such as shootings or an event. A feature with “feature” a certain topic or subject. And an example of an editorial is an article on lady gaga’s weird clothing.

I learned that news is not meant to have opinion in it. A feature is not always tied to a specific event. And editorials are highly opionated.

A positive thing about news is that you get all facts and reliable information. The downsides to news is that you get a front view not a view from either side. A feature’s positives are that it has factual information too but the negatives are that it can have unwanted countries.

I would like to write most about an editorial because they are opinion based and I like to show how I feel about a topic.

Guest Blog Spotlight: Eric Alzaga

Born in the one and only Harlingen, Texas and who is currently fifteen years and will be sixteen this coming January 10 is Eric Alzaga! Eric has brown hair and brown eyes. Chris, Eric’s good friend, is his greatest inspiration and is a person he looks up to. “He has the best character and makes the greatest choices.” Eric attends Harlingen Highschool (obviously right?) and his favorite class is Spanish, which he states: “The people are fun and there is no work.”  Eric plans on moving to Australia to attend college there (talk about adventure!) When he attends college he hopes on getting into music, one of the things he loves. If you want a friend who will make you laugh but not only that has a kind heart, you should look for Eric!

If you would like to go to Eric’s blog then click here! You will NOT regret it!

About Me: Elizabeth Oxford

My name is Elizabeth Ashlynn Oxford! I was born in McAllen, Texas but I am now currently living in Harlingen. I am interested in photojournalism because I love photos and a good news story! One thing you may find interesting about myself is that I am a dancer. I have been dancing for 13 years and I am passionately in love with it. In the future I hope to be a college graduate and be living a stable life. I want to pursue a career in marine biology but that is not certain since I am still deciding what I want to geer my life towards.